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​» We provide the foundation for your safety and hygiene «

​Protection and hygiene in the processes involved in the production and processing of food and the accompanying operations is more than simply a question of wearing the right clothing.

Under the brand names aproTex® (e.g. Dagelin®-TPU-aprons) and meshFlex® (e.g. Metal ring mesh gloves) we produce and sell high-quality and reusable work and hygiene protective clothing for the food industry and offer you product solutions that are adapted to your requirements. 

​Sustainability, environmental protection and cost efficiency all improve your individual balance. Our aproTex products are handmade in our in-house production and are subjected to individual quality testing. They comply with current food regulations as well as general and specific standards for protective clothing.

​With our premium products you will have made an excellent choice.

​The ReiKo aproTex® Team





​The continuous development of our products allows us to determine trends and set new standards. We offer a unique portfolio especially in the segment of detectable working and hygienic clothing workwear including alternatives to disposable clothing. 


» Our premium basic protection with multifunctional properties and first-class wearing comfort - solid for everyday use «


» Our premium special protection for special requirements -

metal and x-ray detectable «


» Our premium basic protection with advanced features –

metal detectable «


» Our premium special protection for special requirements -

x-ray detectable «




Due to our special product concepts with partially patented aproTex® reuseable products, we provide innovations for the following areas of application of our customers, resulting in increasing the efficiency of employees and processes as well as cost reduction.

Meat Industry
Delicatessen- and Canned Food
Backing- and Confectionery
Supermarket-, Counter areas, HoReCa and Commercial kitchen
Cleaning sector
Chemical sector
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