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aproTex® VProTec Safety Gown
The reusable TPU protective gown for the area HealthCare.
The alternative to conventional disposable
clothing. Reusable anti-infection gown for all sensitive areas of applications in medical (clinic, laboratory, care) and industrial sector (pharmaceuticals) with high security performance to protect against the spread of germs.

• Made of TPU film (without fabric insert)
• Material: ultra-light
• Flexible at low temperatures down to -65 ° C
• Machine washable up to 90 ° C
• waterproof
• esistant against animal oils and fats, strong

  detergents and some acids and alkaline liquids
• Lengths: 115 | 135 | 155 cm
• Widths: 135 cm

Gebrauchsmusterschutz EN.png
EN 14126 EN.png


The main advantages at a glance:

environmentally friendly less waste compared to disposable clothes
• 100% recycling ecological recycling
cost efficient cheaper than disposable clothing
RFID chip optional
very hard-wearing more tear-resistant than disposables and therefore less consumption within theproduction processes
Hygienic design without eyelets, rivets, seams, glue, closures
Lotus effect dirt-repellent
ErgoFit ultra light – high wearing comfort

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