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meshFlex® Stab protection aprons

Maximized performance, minimalized costs

Smaller ring mesh,

more safety

meshFlex® Stechschutz Ring

ReiKo aproTex GmbH



ReiKo aproTex GmbH is a premium manufacturer with a focus on innovative reusable hygienic protective clothing made of thermoplastic polyurethane and stainless steel mesh (Metal mesh gloves, Chainmail aprons, Boleros) - we offer product solutions for optimizing hygiene and cost management in operational work processes.

In addition, environmental and climate protection are central issues that our society as a whole cannot ignore. In order to achieve the necessary goals, effective solutions are required.


We therefore see the task of ReiKo aproTex GmbH in contributing to a future with less waste and less one-way use, with intelligent products that combine economic efficiency, social responsibility and the protection of the environment and resources in an exemplary manner. Because the careful handling of the earth's supplies always has positive economic effects in addition to positive ecological effects.

Our way: We produce reusable TPU protective clothing that is 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle and is therefore harmless to our ecosystems.

We are a leading supplier of functional and 100% recyclable TPU reusable hygienic protective clothing that promotes sustainable ecological behavior by users and permanently reduces their process costs.


ReiKo aproTex GmbH Hanstedt





Reusable TPU protective clothing as the superior

alternative to conventional, environmentally harmful disposable clothing for professional and sustainable

hygiene protection in the food industry.


Green deal


Ideal for companies that seriously place sustainability

and environmental protection in the foreground of

their actions and at the same time want to increase the

efficiency of employees and processes and reduce costs.



We are driven by creativity and solution-oriented thinking. The permanent further development of our materials, products and concepts guarantee the highest level of safety and functionality. With the new development of patented products, we set trends and set new quality standards.



Our products are handcrafted in our own production,

are individually quality-checked and comply with the

applicable legal regulations.



Highly motivated employees, our modern processes and

our passionate customer service will convince you.

You can secure your goods requirements at any time

(24h service) using our new functional

online order system (OOS). Our competences are

your advantages.



TPU Glove

Our further development and answer to the disadvantages of conventional disposable gloves with superior properties. By achieving EN 374 (Type A) certification, our product offers outstanding value for money.  The material is 100% recyclable.This glove is subject to utility model protection.

Our TPU material

We research and develop so that an increasing proportion of recycled TPU can be used - without compromising on quality and performance. With the GRS, our material meets an international, voluntary, full-fledged product standard that sets out requirements for independent certification of recycled materials, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. 

Global Recycled Standard

meshFlex® Stab Protection

After the successful introduction of our new brand meshFlex ®  for high quality stab protection products

we are expanding our capacities and product portfolio with two more glove models.

Material development

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, we are researching and developing an absolutely new material as part of a ZIM project, which will guarantee the food-producing industry more safety in the production processes in a revolutionary way.

ReiKo aproTex GmbH | Fraunhofer
ReiKo aproTex GmbH | ZIM

Product lines

hygrip® TPU-Handschuhe
meshFlex® SAFETY
aproLin® TPU-Schürzen, TPU-Ärmelschürzen, TPU-Ärmelschoner
aproTex® Gummi-Schürzen, PU-Schürzen, PU-Ärmelschoner, Nässeschutzkleidung, Thermoschutzkleidung
aproLin® DETECT TPU-Schürzen, TPU-Ärmelschürzen, TPU-Ärmelschoner
Tools meatFighter®

Online Order System (OOS)

As an existing or new customer, you can secure your goods requirements at any time (24-hour service) using our new functional online order system.



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Always at your service!


Registered office and postal address:

Ollsener Strasse 54a, 21271 Hanstedt


Office address:

Tempowerkring 1B, 21079 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 79012-440

Phone: +49 (0)40 79012-441


Are you curious?

Then we would be happy if you want to know more about our products and concepts. Simply write us an email or give us a call.

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